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IAMX at Club Dada 09.23


English dark wave, synth pop, or industrial are genres that don't fully describe the sensuous sound that IAMX unleashes. The proof? IAMX's latest mini-LP release Everything Is Burning (Metanoia Addendum). Part-originals, part remixes, this album serves as both a continuation of 2015's Metanoia and an end to it. IAMX founder Chris Corner, formerly from 90's trip hop act Sneaker Pimps who disbanded in 2005, has explored the deep ends of electronic music to produce acclaimed albums such as The Alternative, Kingdom of Welcome Addiction and The Unified Field. After experimenting with many somber tones and pulsating rhythms that make up the six studio albums of IAMX, Everything is Burning seems like the culmination of a long saga that reverberates through every emotional shriek and shout that Corner sings. The seven songs feel raw, uncut and full of vibrant, virulent emotions which blend well into one hypnotic mix.

The nine Metanoia remixes by musicians Gary Numan, Future Funk Squad, Aesthetic Perfection, Mr. Kitty, Marat Sad, Christian Eigner of Depeche Mode (as SlikNik_CE with his partner Niko Stoessl) add a scent of support to Corner's already intriguing stature. If this selection of songs doesn't make its listeners dance to its haunting, toxic beats, I don't know what will. Any song here can make a nightclub darker than it already is. IAMX's Everything is Burning tour hits Dallas on Friday, September 23rd. Come witness a series of songs that will entrance you in innocuous ways. Tickets can be bought here.

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