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An Interview with Ruth Smith of Pale Dian: On Their Latest Album, Songwriting, and Sound

Photography: Juan Betancourt

Pale Dian may remind some people of alternative genres from the past like Shoegaze or Darkwave, but while the band may be influenced by them, their sound modernizes those styles rather than merely refresh on them. The Austin-based trio performed at Double Wide on July 21st alongside Altocamet, Teen Slut, and Stargazer Lillies to show Dallas how their style differs. Narrow Birth, Pale Dian's latest release, came out on June 1st via Manifesto Records. It's an album that elicits the emotions of the human experience personified through haunting melodies and poignant lyricism. This is the first tour the band performs under the name Pale Dian, as previously they were known as Blackstone Rangers. With a new lineup, their sound amplifies more of the darker aura hidden within the spirit of their music. We met up with Ruth Smith, lead singer of the band, prior to their show to elaborate more on what Pale Dian is and how their music encourages listeners to revel in their emotions. Watch the interview below.


Thanks to Ruth Smith for speaking to us on behalf of the band during soundcheck. Check out photos from the show below.

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