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An Interview with VanLadyLove: On Their New Album, Their View of the Music Industry, and Their Futur

Photo Courtesy of The Syndicate

Upon the rocky lands of Utah there seems to lie some sort of haven for musicians; the city has been the home of prominent acts such as Neon Trees, Imagine Dragons, and the Used. On the rise to that level of eminence is a band from Provo, Utah garnering a following on their current U.S. tour supporting their latest EP Alive. VanLadyLove, comprising of singer Travis Van Hoff, guitarist/keyboardist Jordan Clark and bassist/keyboardist Steele Saldutti, lacerate pop rock with anthemic tracks and emotional ballads that are able to penetrate through anyone that knows how to feel. Adding a touch of modern electronic production to the mix, the result is a vibrant collection of cathartic energy encased in three- to five-minute songs. The band played a show at Dallas' Three Links on September 17th to a crowd of fans witnessing VanLadyLove's first time in the city. The performance ranged from showcasing new material to performing a slowed-down, electronic cover of Foreigner's Don't Stop Believing, giving the song some electronic modifications and rhythms. Needless to say, the band is all about sincere emotions and fragile melodies that can elucidate anyone's night. We met up with the band prior to their show to talk about their Alive EP, their musical progression, and an album on the works. See the full interview below.


Special thanks to the band for making time to sit and chat with us. Catch VanLadyLove on their U.S. Alive tour. Dates below.

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