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An Intimate Night in Dallas with Natalia LaFourcade

Photography: Juan Betancourt

Giving fans the full strength and sincerity of her voice, Natalia LaFourcade allured her large Dallas audience on September 22nd at the Bomb Factory, basking in the warm, powerful response from her fans. Once she started to sing the words to her introductory song, "Vamonos Negrito," every person in attendance knew her entire performance would be as striking as it would be stunningly beautiful. After a big round of applause and howls from the crowd following her opener, LaFourcade introduced herself and her band first in Spanish, then in English. It only took two songs after that that made her almost forget to translate her own words and soon started responding to her audience exclusively in Spanish. Since her songs are sung in her native tongue, it was only fair to stay true to the feel of the language, mixing Spanish vocabulary with the endless lexicon of music. Usually for concerts at the Bomb Factory, there is no assigned seating on the general admission floor. There's just open space for people to crowd, allowing anyone to be at the very front close to the stage on a first-come, first-served basis. People caught on to the restrain they had with chairs quick enough, however. Ever since LaFourcade stepped onto the stage, fans galore detached themselves from their assigned seats and rushed to the edge of the stage to throw their arms for a mere handshake from the star. It was only a matter of time before each row of seats stood up and danced to the exotic music of LaFourcade.

But the night wasn't just about the singer's music--it was also of others whom have inspired her and whom she has either collaborated with or covered. She played many covers from 2012's Mujer Divina, a cover album she did of Mexican legend Agustin Lara's music. Another Mexican legend she decided to make a tribute to at the end of her performance was the late Juan Gabriel, with whom she reworked Gabriel's song "Lentamente" in 2015 and renamed it "Ya No Vivo Por Vivir." It was the last song she performed and the crowd very much lauded the homage. It was obvious she had been touched by the response just as much as her fans were.

(Music video of Natalia LaFourcade with Juan Gabriel performing "Ya No Vivo Por Vivir")

Most of the songs she played were from her last album, Hasta La Raiz, of which fans reacted very favorable to. The way the singer embraces her Mexican culture and history seemed to touch so many who probably felt the same way. In times like these, LaFourcade really understands her people and knows how to connect with them through music and performance.

Being the second time she's made a stop in Dallas this year alone, LaFourcade has definitely had a rise in popularity within American audiences in the span of half a year. The singer has been on tour supporting the album since its release on March of last year and her performing venues are becoming larger due to demand. In March earlier this year, she played at Trees in a sold-out show. Her latest visit to Dallas had her singing on the other side of Elm street at a much larger venue.

It's no surprise seeing her growing fan base expand even more when one sees her perform live. She has the voice of a fragile, timid woman expressing the sorrows and hopes of the world in a playful manner. She lives that role onstage when she dances flirtatiously, when she falls with her band to the floor and all lay there while a droning, soft drum beat continues on with the movement of the moment--it's theater with a soundtrack.

If you ever get the chance to see Natalia LaFourcade live, I highly recommend doing so. Those hauntingly beautiful melodies of hers will float around your head for a good while afterwards.


Check out some photos from the concert below and make sure to catch Natalia LaFourcade on her Hasta La Raiz 2016 tour.

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