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Without Love: A Friday the 13th with Alice Glass

Photography: Bryan Yalta

In fitting manner, Club Dada's musical guest for Friday, October the 13th was none other than former Crystal Castles singer Alice Glass. Audience members confronted this superstitious day with Glass' ferocious, in-your-face, electronic punk music that rather embraced the paranoia than feared it. Glass has recently released her debut eponymous EP, starting off her solo career after leaving Crystal Castles with ex-Health member and current partner Jupiter Keyes. The album comprises of Alice Glass' distinctive high-pitched, distorted shouts layered over what sounds like a synthpop-driven version of Health's earlier material. It's an interesting fusion that fits in with both the current pop and industrial club music scenes.

Her performance itself exemplified the tentative, aggressive yet sweet nature she possesses. Glass constantly engaged with her audience by leaning forward towards the front row, holding hands with those who reached for her as she sang. At times, she dived deep at the sea of fans, climbing on top of them so that even those in the back could get a glimpse of her. In few instances she mounted the band's drum set and sung there, portraying herself as an erratic figure. The setlist encompassed most of the songs on her EP, but it also included songs from Crystal Castles. Songs like Alice Practice, Love and Caring, and Celestica riled up the crowd to revel in familiar melodies they'd heard before. The performance of these songs emphasized her departure from being seen as the mere singer of Crystal Castles into being seen as the sole face of her own music. Her version of Suffocation, for example, differed from the original mix, illustrating her willingness to experiment in other directions than the route her old band took.

Music video for Alice Glass' Without Love

Alice Glass continues to prove she holds the energy and musical talent some people might've overlooked earlier in her career. Her onstage energy magnifies her talent as a musician and band leader, translating the album songs into a cathartic, live environment--something not just any act can do.


Alice Glass is currently touring the U.S in support of her debut EP, which is available now. Check out more photos from the show below.

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