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The Jesus and Mary Chain Return to Dallas with New Album 'Damage and Joy'

Photography: Juan Betancourt

Making a return to Dallas after their Psychocandy 30th-year anniversary tour last year, the Jesus and Mary Chain came back supporting their latest album Damage and Joy at the Bomb Factory on Sunday, November 5th. Damage and Joy is their newest studio album since 1998's Munki. It marks a continuation of the sound they left off when they disbanded shortly after Munki's release. Upon walking to the stage, the band seemed to be ready to obliterate the crowd with guitar feedback and noise. Intermixed with songs old and new, the setlist covered just about every album era, illustrating that with or without noise, the foundation of each song lies within its lingering vocal melody.

Music Video for the Jesus and Mary Chain's Amputation

The Jesus and Mary Chain began their set with the first track--and first single--off the new album: Amputation. The song displayed their signature sound defined by distortion-heavy guitars, minimal chord structures, and pop-oriented beats. It established the band's current musical state and opened the doors leading back to their history through the hits. Singer Jim Reid kept an aloof stance throughout most of his performance, complementing the drifter tone coming from the songs. Behind him, the rest of the band created walls of noise through tall amplifiers that had big, white letters on them spelling out 'JESUS'. Brother and guitarist William Reid stood constantly focused on picking each note with tenacity and force.

Although Jim Reid didn't speak much in-between songs, he did take some time near the end of the show to address the San Antonio shooting that had happened earlier that Sunday. He prompted Dallas--and Texas in general--to stay strong through the tragedy, just as the city has done before. Warming words that contrasted the lyrics of some of the last songs in the set, like Reverence. Their performance of Reverence in Dallas shone new light to the words 'I wanna die just like JFK,' sung after the recent release of files exposing the truth of the case. Somehow, these tragedies Texas has faced and the hopefulness they spur seem to match the sound that the Jesus and Mary Chain have gone on to mold. There's a duality in there that parallels Damage and Joy. One comes right after the other, like a band creating a memorable night, leaving an audience with hopes that the band may return to do it again once more.


The Jesus and Mary Chain will be touring the U.S in support of Damage and Joy until mid-November. The album was released earlier this year, so if don't have a copy, be sure to grab one. and check out the album. Below are more photos from the show.

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